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okay, all at once: freak out, but I is not xner but I hate computers, have never known lists, email weakling I know, so a week ago altered and moving to a new house on the Mexican border and I knew PK DICK had lived there, was there, his house, then at dusk the sky filled with Easter Island Heads. I came across this list the next day, a random thing, and wonder what the hell is beyond all the blather and god Syliva Plath, Celan, Anthropology all mentioned in the same breath as Horselover. Maybe I missed the important first years of your list. 

26 May 1999

Yes, you missed the important first years of the list. But, you are not alone. Perhaps it was the time slip that made us all miss it.

What draws the list members together is an interest in PKD - our Golden Man. 

The list wanders. We search for meaning - as Phil did - but often the search ends like a broken bubble or a crack in space. 

We watch as his stories are turned into movie after movie - but when we speak it is with email messages that are all exactly alike.

We echo the confessions of a crap artist.

I hope we shall arrive soon.

Shine on Alphane moon.

Willis Howard

Cheers, Willis!
and I might add:

true: we gathered ourselves together in this list cal made to putter about in Philip K. Dick territory - but our ubiquitous "blather and attitude" is a dark scanner which occludes how we really did get along after the attempted Ibogaine takeover. But don't despise the game-playing! This list is not supposed to be a maze of deadly seriousness.

Now I wait for last year to see the good list times reappear.

your friend from Cologne-5,

Andre Welling 

"... All night I shall gallop thus, impetuously, Till your head is a stone, your pillow a little turf, Echoing, echoing..." -- Plath