Willis E. Howard, III (Bill)

  Who is this guy anyway ?

Welcome to the official web site of Willis E Howard, III (Bill)! You will find a brief  biography, as well as my curriculum vitae. For the adventurous, there is also a full color picture!


One man's culture

"Look, this simple formula explains everything."
Polly scribbles something on a napkin.
C = W log ( 1 + P / (N W) )
"Oh, yeah," Cy says, poised to move fast again,

"clear as Dylan lyrics."
Paul Di Filippo

Richard Thompson Guitarist Richard Thompson is one of my favorite musicians.  Check out Richard's own site, or -- if you simply must have the latest news -- subscribe to the list. The Richard Thompson biography Strange Affair by Patrick Humphries was released in the UK, but renamed in the USA as Richard Thompson: The Biography. You can buy this book in the USA from Amazon.

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